What Matters at Belmont

Any organisation needs a clear set of values which guide its officers and employees in their interaction with clients, each other, and the broader communities in which they work.

The following outlines the key metrics against which Belmont Investments is measured.

  • The best long term business strategy is to do the right thing for the client. This principle guides everything that we do.

  • Often, the best investment strategies and the most commercially viable investment products are two very different things. We will always be drawn to high probability of investment gain over high probability of commercial success.

  • Those looking to work with our firm should understand that we view investment management as a long term exercise, whose effectiveness must be measured in years, not months.

  • We seek to provide complete transparency in disclosing the revenues that we earn and encourage clients and investors to be fully comfortable with all fees and expenses before proceeding with a relationship with the firm.
  • Those who supply services to our firm are every bit as important as those who buy services from our firm and thus all business partners are treated with the greatest of respect.
  • We expect our employees to fulfill their duties with the utmost professionalism and dedication, but we do not expect their employment with us to supplant the more important elements of their lives.
  • Taxation can never fully represent the debt that we owe to the societies in which we operate. Therefore, we are committed to working with our communities through charitable donations and other outreach programs.
  • We welcome regulation as a positive force in our industry and seek out the highest levels of compliance in the many jurisdictions in which we do business.