Belmont Investments was founded with the sole aim of providing our clients with access to the finest alternative investment strategies and managers globally.

From our offices in New York, Dublin and Singapore, we seek to uncover such opportunities through an unrivalled combination of investment experience and industry contacts. Across both managed futures and hedge funds, we provide diversification possibilities for a wide range of investor. Family offices, private banks, investment advisors, funds of funds and high net worth individuals throughout the world avail of our services, secure in the knowledge that they are investing in world-class managers, all of whom continue to be screened by a due diligence process that is the equal of any in the industry.

Independently owned and operated, Belmont is in a position to make objective decisions as to which investment funds to work with.This website contains introductory information on all of the investments that we make available. We invite you to find out more about our firm and to contact us in order that we might commence a mutually beneficial relationship.